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Kigomani village

Holidays away from mass tourism

Kigomani villagers collect water in large containers
In Kigomani, life has not yet been touched by tourism

In the village of Kigomani, which is next to the SeVi Boutique Hotel Zanzibar, tourism has not yet really arrived. People here, like everywhere in rural Africa, live in simple huts. Very few houses have running water or electricity.

They practise a moderate Islam, mixed with animistic traditions and a strong superstition. In the morning, the muezzin calls for prayer, then the day begins to unfold leisurely. Fishermen go out to sea, women collect firewood and at low tide shells and sea creatures are gathered. The children go to school, in the afternoon they play football on the beach and frolic in the shallow water. When the fishermen come home, the fish is auctioned off at the neighbouring fish market.

The people from Kigomani do not want to be photographed without being asked and are also uncomfortable when tourists come to the market or to the village in swimwear. This is also forbidden by law and we politely ask our guests to respect this and to treat the locals with respect. If you meet them in a friendly and culturally appropriate way, you will be gifted with laughter and warmth.

Occasionally, beach vendors stray into the bay. They come from the mainland and try to do business with guests. Accordingly, please be careful.

SeVi as a social partner of local culture

The villagers also seek conversation with visitors, a friendly thank you for their offers is readily accepted. Small talk and the exchange of pleasantries and news are an integral part of Swahili culture.

Since SeVi has been operating as a hotel in Zanzibar, to improve sustainability we have been striving to give something back to the village and improve the infrastructure. The biggest progress has been the fact that many villagers work for us and have been able to improve their own lives with fair wages and good working conditions. Of course, we are constantly supporting projects such as the renovation of the school building, drinking water tanks for the villagers and many other small measures that we would be happy to inform you about on site.

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