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Local Specialities & International Cuisine

Pure exoticism on a plate

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Enjoy the Afro-Arab-Indian mix of Zanzibar's local cuisine

The cuisine culture of the island of Zanzibar is mainly influenced by its exciting history and centuries of Arab rule. Indian merchants have contributed their recipes and so today an Afro-Arab-Indian mix is on offer. Culture that can be felt on the plate.

The spices of the island are used abundantly and give the dishes an exotic aroma. Pilau rice and biryani, a chicken or beef stew slowly cooked in a mixture of spices, are particularly popular.

Meat skewers made of chicken or beef, called mishkaki, are offered on every street corner and of course cannot be missing at our barbecues. Octopus is also abundant and is offered in various forms: grilled, as masala or as an exotic salad with fresh coconut and spices.

A rich and intensely spiced soup, Urojo soup is a full meal with potato croquettes and deep-fried cassava strips. Falafel and samosas, with coconut salsa, hummus and baba ghanoush are served with the spices of Zanzibar in a particularly tasty way. An omelette of chips and eggs - called Chipsi Mayai - is typical of the island and is also a favourite for brunch.

The rewarding end of the meal is completed by the various sweet bakery and fried dough pastries called caimati and mandazi, served with honey or spiced syrup.

Enjoy the culturally diverse regional cuisine and savour the delicious international dishes in the restaurant of the SeVi Boutiqhehotel Sansibar. Send us your non-binding enquiry right away or simply book online.