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New Opening:

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Valid for a stay from 1.8 - 31.9 at Che Che Vule by SeVi


A local woman and a local man are behind the reception of the SeVi Boutique Hotel Zanzibar
Our employees are looking forward to meeting you!


Kigomani is a small village that relies everyday on fishing, Kigomani has a coastline full of palm trees and hard-working, friendly people. More than 90% of the staff tending to your wishes at SeVi Boutique Hotel Zanzibar are Kigomani natives – our way of giving back to the community and supporting the local economy. This benefits your holiday experience too as it puts you in touch with the village residents, who know the area and its customs and traditions well. They are happy to share the values of the Swahili people with you.

The management of SeVi Boutique Hotel Zanzibar furthers cultural exchanges and community support. As a guest, your contribution to the welfare of the village is welcomed and encouraged. For example, the Kigomani Primary School is in constant need of supplies like books and stationery, and if you find room to pack such items in your luggage to support the pupils, your gift will be valued. Donations of clothing for the students are highly appreciated too.

Besides interactions with our staff, we also facilitate meetings between our guests and village artisans for those interested in purchasing handmade items and authentic souvenirs – another facet of community support that benefits all parties.

Cosy wooden loungers on the beach in front of the bungalows
Get a tan on the beach


SeVi Boutique Hotel Zanzibar adheres to international standards of sustainability and the protection of the environment. Our efforts are visible from the architecture of the bungalows, which are built with locally-sourced materials, to the smallest details of the furnishings, handcrafted by local carpenters and artisans.

The complimentary toiletries that will nourish your skin and your hair in the bathrooms are sourced in Zanzibar too.

As you take in the breeze, relaxing on the fine, white sands of the beach, you can see the village fishermen gliding onto the waves of the Indian Ocean in their Ngalawas and later, when you enjoy a fish dish, know that it’s the catch of the day, the fruit of their work. The spices used by our chefs to flavor the food at your table come from the spice farms of Zanzibar.

These are just some of the things we do in support of our ecophilosophy.

Relax on the fine white beach and the blue ocean. The team of Sevi Boutique Hotel Zanzibar is looking forward to your request.