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Day Safaris in Tanzania

Exciting excursions in Tanzania

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Take the chance on a day safari to a national park in Tanzania

Starting from the SeVi Hotel Zanzibar, there are a number of destinations for a day safari. You will be picked up directly at the hotel in the early morning, taken to the plane or boat and visit a national park on the Tanzanian mainland accompanied by a guide.

Find out more about the various well-known national parks in Tanzania and what awaits you there:

The National Parks in Tanzania for your day safari

Serengeti National Park

Safari Serengeti means endless expanses in the Maasai language - an apt name for Tanzania's largest national park. The plains are home to almost two million herbivores and thousands of predators. Here you will experience the huge herds of antelopes, zebras, hippos, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, accompanied by big cats like lions, cheetahs, leopards, jackals, hyenas and caracals. See hippos and warthogs, mongoose and a variety of birds.

Tip: Particularly impressive is the "Great Wildebeest Migration", when hundreds of thousands of different African animal species travel a distance of over 3,000 km in search of food and water.

Selous Game Reserve

As one of the oldest and largest reserves, the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania is definitely worth a visit and an ideal destination for safari enthusiasts. Buffalo and lions are particularly common on the almost 50,000 km2 of the Selous. But giraffes, hippos, antelopes and zebras are also among the resident animals.

Tip: With a bit of luck, you may also find the endangered black rhinoceros and the rare wild dogs.

Mkomazi National Park

Apart from the classic game drive through the national park, Mkomazi also offers a visit to a rhino sanctuary where the endangered black rhino can be seen. Also exciting is the breeding station for wild dogs, not far from this sanctuary, where these shy animals can be observed at close quarters. Mkomazi National Park is also home to most of Tanzania's other animal species, such as buffalo, zebra, giraffe, antelope, hyena, etc.

Tip: Mkomazi National Park is one of the lesser-known national parks in Tanzania and thus delights with a smaller number of visitors and completely naturally behaving wildlife.

Mikumi National Park

Mikumi National Park is located in the south of Tanzania, not far from the coast of the Indian Ocean. Here you will often see giraffes, hippos, elephants, zebras and antelopes. Less frequently seen are lions, leopards and other big cats. Almost all representatives of the African "Big Five" can be discovered in Mikumi National Park - only the rhinoceros is missing here.

Tip: The main attraction of Mikumi National Park is the large population of bird species (over 400 species), including the well-known secretary and the bateleur.

Saadani National Park

Saadani Park is located on the mainland just opposite the island of Zanzibar and borders directly on the shore of the Indian Ocean. You go there by speedboat in the morning, drive through the landscape in a jeep during the day to see the animals and return by boat in the evening. Lions, cheetahs and hyenas are rarely seen there, but giraffes, antelopes and many other animals can be observed in their natural environment.

Tip: In the mangrove forests around the Wami River, the exciting African animals living on and in the water can be observed, such as hippos, crocodiles, flamingos and numerous monkey species.

A trip to the SeVi Boutiquehotel Zanzibar

Situated in a small bay by the village of Kigomani and right next to Unguja's longest stretch of sand, the traditional bungalows of the SeVi Boutique Hotel Zanzibar offer you the ultimate retreat after your day safari or your day trip to one of Tanzania's national parks.

The team will be happy to pamper you with a massage in the spa or discover the marine animals and the underwater world while diving or snorkelling directly on Zanzibar. The restaurant offers you the right catering, spoiling you with regional and international dishes.

Are you interested in a relaxing trip to Zanzibar and would like to discover one or more of the exciting national parks on the mainland of Tanzania? Feel free to contact us directly by email at or send us your non-binding enquiry. We will be happy to advise you personally and help you design the perfect stay.