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Excursions by boat

Discover Zanzibar by boat

A traditional handmade Ngalawa sailing boat
Discover Zanzibar aboard a traditional sailing boat

Opposite the hotel is the well-known diving and snorkelling paradise of Mnemba Atoll, and to the south begins the longest sandy beach on Unguja Island. The beach is protected by an outer reef, and corals, fish and other marine life can be seen in the shallow water.

For diving and snorkelling trips, or for romantic sunset cruises, the hotel's own fleet of dhows and ngalawas, as well as the fishermen's outrigger boats, are available.

Zanzibars Boote

Zanzibari, the indigenous people of the island of Zanzibar, see themselves in the tradition of Sinbad the sailor. For 2000 years, merchant ships have been cruising the Indian Ocean and fishermen have been supplying the population with fresh fish and seafood for at least as long. No wonder Zanzibar's history is so closely linked to the sea.

Until recently, Kigomani was a village that lived exclusively from fishing, building its own dhows, the Arabic-style cargo ships, and small ngalawas, traditional dugout canoes with sails and outriggers. Due to increasing prosperity, many fishermen have switched to modern boats with outboard motors, which make their daily work much easier.

To save the old knowledge from disappearing, the SeVi employs Kigomani boat builders to build traditional vessels. Our two dhows, Sevi I and Vinci I, were built on our beach and now take our guests out snorkelling in Mnemba Atoll. Three Ngalawas have also been built and the captains who used to steer the boats for fishing are now happy to take our visitors out to proudly show them their traditions.

The Mnemba Island Boat Dream

Basic offer

- Fruit bowl, mineral & sparkling water
- 2 guests USD 100,- - each additional guest USD 15,-

incl. snack

- Vegetable chapati wrap, fruit bowl, beer, mineral & sparkling water,
- 2 guests USD 130,- - each additional guest USD 30,-

incl. homemade sushi

- sushi wrap, fruit bowl, SeVi white wine, mineral and sparkling water
- 2 guests USD 190,- - each additional guest USD 45,-

Experience an unforgettable excursion by boat on your trip to Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania and book your holiday directly online. Or send us your special request, we will be happy to help you.